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More about others

Less about us!

                Let's face it,            

                it's all talk until we put it into action.

                So honestly, THIS is who we want to be --

a church who's cares more about the community and the world we live in

and less about ourselves.

More like Jesus;

doing the things Jesus did.

Can you dig it?



Our outlook on Prayer:  

We want to be a church who prays

We have a history of praying an "ORGAN RECITAL."

You know what that sounds like: "Let's keep Aunt So & so on the prayer list; she's got the shingles!"

Now, we DO NEED TO PRAY for Aunt So & so,

but we want to grow into a prayer life where we

have our prayer more balanced and focused on the things above.

Kingdom Building,

regenerative-spiritual-revolutionary-REVIVAL praying!


Here's the really cool part--

God is answering our prayers!  

Just let us pray for you--

and find out how powerful God's faithfulness can be in your life.



Our outlook on Missions:  

Sold out to His Purposes

Yes, we give to foreign, state & county mission work.  

We are committed to giving,

But we are hungry to do more!

And we're not afraid to get our hands dirty

and actually  --------    


Then, we want to be the church that our neighborhood needs us to be too:  

caring for the least, last & lost,

the widow & orphans,

the destitute,

the needy... physically, emotionally, spiritually.

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